The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is full of love and sharing a special day with someone who matters to you. We often see sweet messages and visuals of Cupid, who we often say casts love upon us. But the history of this holiday is not always believed to be as sweet as the holiday itself.

Cupid is believed to be Eros, who is the son of Aphrodite, and is often known for playing with the emotions of the Gods. He is often credited to be a troublemaker- known to make people fall in love with people who are repulsed by the other (also at the hands of Cupid). This cupid is often described as a demon, one who uses his different arrows to cause emotional pain for people.

However, Romans often associate the holiday with St. Valentine. He is known to have defied the law and allowed for young men to get married. For example, he helped many people escape persecution. In this version of Valentine, he is seen as a much better person, who is there to help others and push for what he believes in.

Cupid is a strong symbol of Valentine’s Day and is used to represent the love between two people. While we may never know the true history behind Valentine’s Day, we know how special this holiday is for many.

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