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The 13 Society is a website dedicated to collecting the strange encounters, macabre, paranormal, esoteric, occult and the supernatural. Featuring a mixture of articles and moderated forums, we also host a growing community of submitted stories, photographs and media from around the world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to openly discuss the paranormal, UFO’s, Urban Legends, Myths, Esoteric, Occult, Magick, Tarot, Astrology and investigating the research and evidence. This is the place where paranormal investigators, those who have encountered ghosts or spirits, those curious, and even those who are skeptic, come to share views, opinions and stories. Though we may not agree with everything posted on the website, we welcome all viewpoints. The term “paranormal” applies to anything currently beyond the range of scientific explanation. It is, therefore, our mission to provide a sanctuary for like-minded individuals who, as ourselves, enjoy spending their time making new connections, learning, and sharing knowledge.

We are here offer open, drama-free discussions on these topics and subjects through Moderated Forums and our global audience.

History of the number 13

Many think that the reason for the number 13’s bad luck comes from the Bible. It is said that Judas is thought to have been the 13th guest to sit down to the Last Supper. In Norse mythology, a dinner party of the gods was ruined by the 13th guest called Loki, who caused the world to be plunged into darkness.

Historians believe superstition surrounding the number 13 began in the 17th century, though they can’t identify one singular event that sparked its bad reputation. We often don’t even understand why we harbor certain superstitions in the first place. Subsequently, the concept of “unlucky number 13” entered the zeitgeist, and by 1910, the term triskaidekaphobia, which means “fear of the number 13,”

Interesting bit of history with the name 13 Society. The founding of 13 Society was Feb 13th 1889. Their motto was “Superstitio solum in animo inscii habitat”. Which roughly translates to “Superstition dwells only in the ignorant mind.” The Thirteen society had five U.S. Presidents as members: Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

Nothing intrigues the world like a secret. We aim to bring the best in the unique, the paranormal, aliens, and esoteric discussions in one place. We are based out of St Augustine, Florida. Website membership is open globally. Come Join our community Today!

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