I Ching Reading for February 2024

I Ching Reading for February 2024

By Angelica Danton your IChing Reader.
The Radiance or the Clinging Fire Over Fire is our selection for this month.

Firstly, however it is important to note this February 10th marks the start of the Year of the Wood Dragon. In Eastern philosophy the Dragon is perceived in quite a different way to the Western concept of this mythical highly symbolic Creature.

Eastern mythologists see the Dragon’s power as a fundamentally positive creative progressive energy and as such a positive” yang” force. Together with the Phoenix (symbolic creature of rebirth and magic) the two creatures symbolize the perfect union of masculine and feminine (yang and yin). Water not fire is attributed to the Element of the Dragon whose presence is seen as a benevolent metaphysical presence for humans on Earth.

The Element of Wood added to the year of the Dragon denotes a period when the value of human flexibility and adaptability will shine out while those who are intolerant and rigid will be seen to cause conflicts and pain to others and ultimately have to effect better solutions this year. We are also protected by the heart of the Dragon, so it is believed important to recognize him and welcome his year in! Wear red or give small gifts in red envelopes, plant a new tree, celebrate family and loves past and present, give new gifts and contact your cherished ones. Keep a symbol or drawing of the Dragon close.

Under this auspicious period, we note.

Hexagram 30

The Clinging or the Illumination is your IChing Reading for February.

Your pathway ahead may now need to be inspired by your cherished dreams. As you have matured in your life, you have realized some hopes and modified others, some dreams may have been discarded as impractical to realize on the Earth plane but are important parts of your learning curve on the spiritual journey you are on.

The “Clinging ” translated as fire being sustained in a symbolic sense brings you to understand that just as creativity and passion need a source to connect to and be nourished by so you too deserve to celebrate your particular passions and interests and devote part of your life to them. While you love you hope and while you hope you love. Many around you may be struggling to continue to have faith in the higher values. Understand them but do not lose your intent and appreciation for good and beauty. As poet John Keats wrote Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty.’

This is a time to be bold, finish those lyrics, take that course you wanted to do for so long, speak up about what matters to you, get involved in community concerns.

The inner fire burns in you, and if you “feed it” will grow and sustain you. We all need to be commended for our efforts to raise others’ spirits. Know you too can do this for both self and others. This is the meaning of the “Clinging” Hexagram that what lies within your deepest most dearly held ideals has a great value to you and your circle.

Without the fire of life as symbolized in our creative and or passionate expressions, our journey on earth would be dull indeed and lack color and vibrancy.

“Cling “to your hopes and bring your dreams to life this year. Start this Month and don’t lose momentum!

Happy Lunar New Year! 2024

Year of the Wood Dragon.

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