Tarot Card of the Month: Page of Swords

Tarot Card of the Month


Page of Swords

The page of swords is the novice writer gathering inspiration for the first plot points of his novel, the filmmaker gathering conceptual shots for a new project, and the eager pupil open to all the medicinal possibilities of a newly discovered plant species. The page of swords is at the dawn of greatness. Abounded with curiosity and ready to explore, the page of swords is young, inexperienced, and ready to extend its sights to the world around them, accepting every new idea like a breath of fresh air. Yet the page is only inhaling. He has much to learn before he can release this newfound information to the world. Young or old, the page appears when we are brimming with excitement around a new idea. They are the lightbulb moment that we cannot ignore.

Swords in the tarot represent intellect and communication. The page of swords is associated with the astrological signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, or air signs. The ruling planets are Saturn and Mercury. The page of swords in the Rider-Waite tarot shows a young person grasping their sword, prepared to cut through to the truth. Their vantage point spreads over the land. They can see far and wide from the ground to the sea, but there are still clouds in the sky, obstructing his view. The page of swords must slice through the clouds above him. The page needs to clear the fog of his mind, which thwarts his clarity and keeps them away from the larger picture before he is ready to share how he may navigate his world clearly.

Time-Based Readings

Past – The Page of swords in the past position may indicate a time when you had an idea that gained all your focus. It could indicate a time when you decided to take on a new path mentally. It could also indicate a time when you started a search for your own truth or clarity.

Present-The Page of Swords in the present position represents your ambitious spirit to take on a new goal. It can represent that you are now on a path to discovering something new intellectually. The page of swords here can represent you as a pupil.

Future – The page of swords in the future position may indicate in the future you will want to start a new journey. You may decide to continue your education either by going back to school formally or attending workshops and seminars.

Love/Relationship Readings

For Singles: If you pull the page of swords in a love reading, you may be young or feeling youthful and carefree while exploring options that bring intellectual stimulation to a connection. However, you are a page, which means you may not be willing to settle down. There is too much to see.

For Current Relationships: Your current relationship may be more intellectual than affectionate. This could also indicate energy for exploring new ideas and communicate with your partner. Your partner may constantly communicate with you, which can become a burden over time.

Past Relationships: In a reading regarding a past connection this may mean that the person you are inquiring about is thinking about you and your past relationship, but not in a romantic light. This person may be analyzing what took place or how you behaved as a partner. If you are asking about reconciliation, there may be a possibility that the person can overcome obstructing their emotional side and revealing their truth. However, your ex may be unavailable emotionally in this situation.

Money/Career Readings

The Page of Swords in a money and career reading shows a person at the beginning of their career. You may have just started a new job or internship. Even though the page is at the start, they do not lack the ambition to achieve their current career and financial goals. The page of Swords is ready to take on new projects and bring fresh ideas to the table. If you are currently unemployed, this can be great news of an opportunity for employment heading your way.

Spirituality Readings

When asking about your spirituality, seeing the Page of Swords can indicate that you may need to use spiritual advice instead of only utilizing logic. This may be a time when you will need to start asking questions about your religion or spirituality to find guidance. You may need to think of new ways to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life. During this time, you may also be more inclined to learn new spiritual practices and techniques. For example, you may look for a new meditation technique to help find a solution to your problem. The page may also be a reminder that your thoughts can become your reality. The page may want to tell you to recognize poor thinking patterns and find ways to migrate to more positive affirmations instead of negativity.

Other Interpretations

Yes or No: Yes

Element: Air (Aquarius/Libra/Gemini)

Planet(s): Saturn/Mercury

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Playing Card: Jack of Spades

Time Frame: 1 – 11 days

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