I Ching Readings for April

I Ching Readings for April

Hexagram 17

Lake over Thunder ‘Following’ (Angelica Danton 13Society member)

This month attracts the energy of the Hexagram 17 in the IChing.

The relevant images are Lake(symbolized as a young youthful energy) over Thunder(a powerful Yang force).

>Meaning: This month, allow for your learning from those who can aid or teach you. The wisest leaders sometimes need to step back to listen to those younger whose youth or inexperience(Lake energy) does not prevent them from offering up a relevant and valuable point of view.

The I Ching Image of Thunder balancing harmoniously with the Lake over it promises success to those who are flexible yet know their own strength.

The power of Thunder symbolizes a major time of rebirth and opportunity lie ahead for you. Nonetheless, if you close out those whose careful counsel can assist you, you may find you lose the timing for bold ventures and it may not return for quite a long while.

Discretion discernment and decisive action(the 3 Ds)are your key power words this month.

You could begin a plan this month to revisit a place of childhood memory where you experience nostalgia or re connect with those whose lives were once close to yours example could be a school reunion or think of the Ed Sheeran Song “Castle on the Hill” where he reflects on his youthful folly and friendships wanting to rejoin those who have matured with him as another example.

Look back over your own youth or coming of age experiences and discover a greater personal potential within, no matter what you learnt it is all part of the person you are living and loving in this time. Keep to the positive path. Prepare to enjoy the Ride.

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