I Ching Reading for May 2023

I Ching Reading for May 2023
Thunder over Wind 32 to 55, Perseverance to Abundance
Interpretation for May (Reading by Angelica Danton Society13 Member)
You have come to a part of your journey where you are called to look at your long term as opposed to short term abundance and prosperity.
Fortunately, a breath of fresh air arrives, as the gentle but necessary power of the Wind moves away the cobwebs so to speak and clears the paths for you to visualize and envision what is best for your future in your financial and planning areas as well as opening your mind up to positive creative action to increase abundance for self and others to live in better peace and harmony with each other. In order to do this you and significant others, whether in partnership, business or personal life must decide to set down the codes you will abide by, with a positive expectation that you will be soon rising to meet challenges with comfort as you set your common goals for the future.
I Ching “superior person”
The wise or as we may say in I Ching “superior person” understands his or her place in the whole. Abundance is a state of mind as it is also a material state of importance. It is important to accept the opportunity to achieve prosperity and work towards it ,or you will reject good fortune when it arrives. The Yang force of thunder here benefits from the movement of air to allow those who have already achieved powerfully in material areas to see from a clarity of thought, how to shift and rebalance investment and allocations of material means to the advantage of the self and the group.
For those who aspire to greater prosperity, this time moves them to look at how they can achieve material goals with better skill ,granting them more freedom to do so if they move with flexibility. Air energy allows for positive detachment that can greatly assist growth and increase of all that which is necessary to life, as wind spreads the seeds to renew the earth.
Auspicious period, decisive but considered action works best.

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