I Ching Reading for June

I Ching Reading for June

Thunder over thunder- Hexagram 51

The creative positive forces are within all of us, but we need to draw upon our natural resources of wisdom and experience now, or seek out the best counsel and then make a proper decision to deal with the situation masterfully.

This month, we cannot stop the power of the moment at hand, we need to adapt to it.

The time is here to act decisively to create a better pathway to our goals. The painter who suddenly has the discipline to complete his or her work, the student who discovers a new passion in their studies, the inventor who is gifted with a solution to his product are all symbolic images useful for us to envisage when utilizing this power that moves and shapes our World. When any of us are confronted by inescapable changes, it is natural to sense the apprehension we may feel at the effects on us.

Such a powerful time however can lead us to rebirth and reconnection with our higher self and our purpose. Know thyself, stay resolute. You will make no mistakes. In the Book of Changes, a time comes when the older father prepares his eldest son for responsibility by arming him for his path of leadership and honor with an awareness of his place in the group.

Circumstances may alter quickly or suddenly like a clap of thunder startles us but have no concern, you have asked for the moment to create rather than follow. In harmony with your place in your Society, Family or Vocation, know that a time of change must be respected as one to understand the risks of without undue fear. You are equipped to deal with it if you understand the energy can be used positively too ,and an important project can be completed with a new vision ahead. Step aside where you need to without regret, but venture forward when ready to better goals.

Author: Angelica Danton

I am an author(Goddess Signs),writer and contributor specializing in metaphysics and bios.My credits include writing for Destiny Magazine,Woman's Day and online for Realms of Magic and 13Society(current).Lecturer Teacher Psychic Development and Protection.

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