Iching Reading January 2024

Your IChing Reading for January 2024 No 13 “Fellowship”.
As we begin the New Year (Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 also begins on February 10 2024) it is time again to reflect on our IChing Reading. This month it is Number 13 Fellowship heaven over fire (Society 13 members may like to reflect on the No 13s role here as a Number😊)
We are drawn to reflect on the importance of affiliated groups in our lives both in terms of those we are in harmony with and those we are in challenging or conflicting arrangements with as the fellowship of any group or energy affects our place in the world.
Finding the harmonious balance within a group is not only based on our personal merit but on our time and place in culture society and history.
While it is auspicious to have regard to our close personal relationships in society gathering wisdom over time(sometimes achieved with maturity, sometimes life experience) it is pertinent to remind ourselves none of us are islands unto ourselves as Elizabethan John Donne wrote. Our group significance is important to us in many ways as many of us hold to the philosophy that indeed our lives continue life after life (in a spiritual meaning) or our spirit is of eternal stuff which transforms but but does not truly pass away in all forms and that others we know in this life we have known in another even in terms of group familiarity as well.
You may find if you are ready at a mature level you can offer to take the helm or pursue leadership in your fellowship of choice or define your value in that group more firmly now.
Either at a career or social level the Hexagram of Fellowship assures you that if you are true to your purpose your destiny will find you!Your place in your group can blossom soon. Seek the adventure but protect your value, you are always of value to those you hold kinship with.
Happy New Year 2024 and may you have all the Blessings of. We will meet again in February for your next IChing Reading.

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