I Ching Reading March 2024

This month’s IChing is the “Approach” No 19 as interpreted by your IChing Reader Angelica Danton for 13Society.com.

We are now approaching the Magic of the Spring Equinox as we move towards the month of Aries the Ram on March 21.At this time of year it is natural to begin a process of looking at all the areas of one’s life that we want to breathe new life into as we look to manifest some new goals and dreams after a hectic start to our New Year and all we have had to attend to.

This month’s Hexagram No 19″ Lin”is Earth (receptive) over the Marshes (joyous) and brings to mind the concept of adjusting our goals to realistic manifestation. As Earth provides a base in our lives from which we can express the Water element in our emotions and passions, so this Hexagram asks us to slow down and get our bearings before progressing. Meditate or just really relax. You will focus much better if you do.

While sometimes it is favorable to approach with intense energy all we wish to accomplish sometimes we are also shown how important it is to learn to wait until we have the clarity we need to proceed forth. Timing is a powerful part of the philosophical application of the IChing as so much of life is affected by changes some we can control, while others we must manage to the best of our ability.

This year appreciate the wisdom of waiting for the” right moment”. Spring follows Winter and when the time is right our ideas can spring to life.

Allow trusted associates to sometimes take the lead, be willing to listen to other points of view. You do not have to agree with everyone, but you can achieve much more with your groups when you show you are approachable and secure in yourself.

This Hexagram advises you to use the next month to gain greater clarity and calm any impatience. You will reap greater rewards if you give yourself time. Take a step back, relax and breathe easy. You are worth it! Know that as the Earth (in the Northern Hemisphere) stirs into Spring you are getting a renewed chance where you need it.

Meanwhile, celebrate the Equinox with red, green and brown the colors of the Aldar Tree (a Tree sacred to this Equinox and to the God Bran who was said to use Ravens to protect the Lands) and burn gold or yellow candles while gathering in the dried herbs of Sage and Rosemary to welcome in Spring as well!

Have a great period ahead and see you here again next month.

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