I Ching Reading for October

Reading for October No 24

Fire over Fire-The Returning!
This month of October as thoughts turn to the celebration of Halloween for many. Your reading for the IChing is urging you to express your innate creativity. If lately you have forgotten the joy of expression, take time to renew yourself. Rest if you need, reflect if you want. To “return” to yourself is a powerful undertaking as in so doing you allow yourself to renew within yourself exactly what your real truths are. Who and what you love, what you are prepared to take on and how can you express your dreams to others becomes pivotal this month. It is in a sense getting back to basics but with renewed creative fire.
Shakespeare the Bard as he is known wrote these words in Hamlet “To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man”. Many times, in life we encounter good souls who for one reason or another are in fear of really “writing their own story ” in their own words or allowing themselves to be true to themselves.
Yet allowing another to do that role or to mold you to their expectations alone is always going to be a second effort. Write your story this month and believe in your own value! You know how to do it, return to who you really know yourself to be and accept the Role you know is yours and yours alone! Take on with calm intent what you need to do this month without attempting to go too fast or too quickly.
No errors. No judgement. Success in your hands.
Enjoy your Halloween 🎃 👻

Author: Angelica Danton

I am an author(Goddess Signs),writer and contributor specializing in metaphysics and bios.My credits include writing for Destiny Magazine,Woman's Day and online for Realms of Magic and 13Society(current).Lecturer Teacher Psychic Development and Protection.

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