I Ching Reading for Month of August

I Ching Reading for Month of August by Angelica Danton.
No 40 Deliverance or Thunder over Water
You have come to a time when you can calmly but surely deliver yourself from a very trying situation or a course of obstacles in which you recently encountered roadblocks or detours to use that metaphor.Without being prepared to give up without a fight you may well have had to look for ingenious  lateral ways to deal with detractors or rivals.The powerful Yang forces have been awakened and you feel a quiet faith in your ability to be clear about yourself,your goals and your aims without being easily diverted off your path yet not “look too good or talk too wise”to paraphrase the poem “If ” by Rudyard Kipling.
As thunder and rain comes together and clears the surfaces of water,so the cosmic changing lines of life have come together for you recently and you have been courageous.
There is still a great deal you want to accomplish but after the recent troubling storm has settled you appreciate the new clarity you are now able to work with both on a practical and esoteric level. A superior person in the meaning of the old IChing avoids encouraging the development of too much ego which alienates his companions, and encourages unnecessary rivalry but rather retains a healthy modesty which allows the harmony of the immediate group to be retained while steadfastly presenting a carefully reasoned and as far as possible logical alternative to excessive wasteful conflicts.
Now that Thunder has cleared the path,calm the mind and prepare for victory.No mistakes.

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