I Ching Reading for July

I Ching Reading for July.

62 Thunder over Mountain
Mouth of the Mountain

A period of adjustment is necessary in planning your path. There has been great change and upheaval just prior to this period.

As you are here still, you have traversed it and retained who you are.
The time has come when the oldest person in the Family (Thunder)and the youngest son (Mountain) unites symbolically, or trans personally when experienced people and young leaders go over plans for the Future with care and attention to the details they need to understand.
On the journey you are on, connecting with writers, communicators and those who care for others brings success if you are patient and do not desire recognition too quickly. There are still changes likely at major leadership positions so take nothing for granted.Be realistic but hold your aspiration.
What you work at with care will blossom into a garden around you when the season comes. It may seem that your moves at this time are modest or that the goals are small, but these actions build towards much more stability for all and create an enduring legacy.
For you who respect your roots from the past and appreciate your current role in life, satisfaction is possible for you. For those who are impatient and try to lead too boldly, frustration and conflicts can hold you back.
Stick to the ethics of any given situation and do not compromise for a whim of the moment. However, flexibility in minor matters will yield promise now.
Success is assured with quiet patience towards tasks and goals at this time. Symbols this month are the guardian dog and the Door. Guard quietly what matters is the message here.

Author: Angelica Danton

I am an author(Goddess Signs),writer and contributor specializing in metaphysics and bios.My credits include writing for Destiny Magazine,Woman's Day and online for Realms of Magic and 13Society(current).Lecturer Teacher Psychic Development and Protection.

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