Empaths and The Paranormal

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Empaths and the Paranormal

A theory arose that I as a writer had to look into, are empaths and the paranormal connected?

What is an Empath?

An empath, as the name indicates, is someone who has an excessive amount of empathy. Empaths have a sense of strong intuition and a deep sense of feelings. They are able to pick up on hidden distress and absorb it as their own emotion. They are extremely sensitive people. Because they are emotional sponges and sensitive to many things, they often don’t like hanging around in large groups of people. They find comfort in nature and solitude.

Empaths have a unique perspective because of these symptoms. They understand and feel more deeply than the average neurotypical Chad or Karen. Their people-pleasing and sensitivity make them a huge target for energy vampires. But, energy vampires, although harmful, are living humans just like the rest of us.

The darkest side of being an empath is the sensitivity to the past, present, and future. They don’t just sense the feelings in the now but have strong feelings of past and future emotions.

Many empaths have reported getting “bad vibes” from a place or person and feeling unsafe for reasons unbeknownst to them. If empaths can sense if a place or person is bad, does this mean they can sense ALL things that are not there?

The Connection of Empaths and the Paranormal

After digging deep into this specific topic, I found a certain breed of empaths called clairsentient empaths. There was minimal mention of this type of empath, which means that no one has done an in-depth study of empaths and the paranormal.

As a writer, I needed some sort of proof to hold up my claim. And my proof could not be two articles on unknown sites. So 13 Society posted a poll specifically for empaths to respond to. The question was whether or not they had ever felt dark and paranormal energy around certain places or people.

We had 23 empaths respond to the poll, and all 23 of them said YES.

Now it’s not a huge amount of people, but all of the responders were 100% yes. So it supported my theory enough to interview empaths I knew personally and see their responses.

Once again, a resounding yes.

According to the little evidence I did find, many psychics and mediums are also empaths. This makes sense because these people have strong intuition. It seems empaths are completely imbursed in the paranormal world around them.

Clairsentient Empaths

Clairsentient empaths have more research on them than the average empath. Not only do clairsentients feel paranormal energy, but they also have a sense of spiritual realms and vibrations in the universe.

Essentially, cliarsentient empaths have an overwhelming amount of empathy compared to the average empath. And the average empath already has excessive amounts.

Symptoms of Clairsentience:

-Heart compasses, their empathy, and emotions are so in tune with the world that they are able to make correct decisions and predictions surrounding the future.

-Individuals with clairsentient abilities can energy surf. This means not only can they sense the energy from a person they’re around, but they can sense the energy of a whole room.

-Powerful instincts. As a clairsentient empath, instincts and situations come as feelings before the moment where they are needed. This can come out in fast physical reflexes or sudden senses of doom.

-Extreme mood swings when they absorb too much negative energy. A clairsentient empath may feel a mood swing coming on if they have been gathering too much negative energy that day. But if it is paranormal-related, the mood swings may take them by surprise.

-It’s really: Empaths and the paranormal … and nature. As much as clairsentients have a connection to the paranormal world, they also have a connection to Mother Nature herself. These empaths can pick up on energy shifts around people and in nature. Not all energy shifts are directly linked to a specific event or even an event near the empath. They will pick up on a shift of emotions and presence somewhere. A gust of warm wind could signal nature’s peace. A darkness in the air signals something wrong in the world.

-Last but not least, and certainly the most important factor. These empaths are highly connected to spirits. While other empaths can sense paranormal energy, clairsentients can interact with that energy. This comes in ways of hearing spirits, seeing them, feeling them, or even speaking directly to them.

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