The Mudhouse Mansion

Because there’s so little information about who lived at the Mansion and when. It seems abandoned places tend to ignite the dark side of the imagination, there are tons of legends around alleged atrocities occurring. The sources don’t seem to be very credible, though.

The Haunted Mudhouse Mansion

Mudhouse Mansion is an abandoned house located in Fairfield County, just east of Lancaster, at 4730 Mudhouse Road. It’s a very imposing, impressive place built into a hill, with a number of outbuildings surrounding it. With its empty windows and isolated location, Mudhouse Mansion practically screams haunted house. The house was built around mid-19th century, and is considered to be Ohio’s most haunted residential structure. It is famous with several paranormal investigators and regular people that travels to Lancaster, Ohio. Even if there was a sign that basically yells “no trespassing”, it did not stop people from breaking in and exploring the place.

Haunted Past
There are two tales to the story. If you believe the local tales, you can take your pick. One legend tells of a government official who lived there after the Civil War and still kept slaves, locking them in one of the outbuildings at night. One night the slave dug his way out, entered the house, and slaughtered the entire family. Rumors say a more modern family was massacred there and their ghosts haunt the house.

According to local legend, there was a man who actually bought the house in 1892 and he moved in with his wife and their three children. Neighbors never saw them after they entered the house and they thought it very weird that the family would spend all their time indoors. One neighbor went out to the house to investigate and all he could see was the figure of a woman dressed in white, standing on the second floor window. The figure was just standing there and staring at her.

The following day the neighbor checked again and saw the figure again, standing on the same position. She checked for 10 days and would see the same figure. On day 10 she called the police and when they came to investigate they were met by a terrible sight. All the 5 family members were hanging lifeless dressed in white night gowns. The figure which the neighbor had seen was the mother and she was not standing at the window. She had actually been hanging there for several days/weeks.

Bloody Mary

Others say it’s home to the original “Bloody Mary,”. The legend goes, the ghost lady who’s supposed to appear in your mirror if you say her name three or five or ten or a hundred times. Some kids in Lancaster grew up calling it the House of Mary. According to traditional American folklore, Bloody Mary’s children were killed, either by her husband or by her. This one is tough to believe, since Bloody Mary is known all over the world. It’s pretty much a given that she never existed in the first place, much less in Fairfield County, Ohio. Then again, it’s all just folklore, so you can believe just about anything you want to about Mudhouse.

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