Seeking Paranormal Investigators

13 Society is seeking Volunteer Researchers and Investigators for our investigation unit. Memberships are free and currently available. Members take part in Ghost Hunts, Evidence review and case research. We hope to put together a global investigation unit and will be able to handle multiple investigations at the same time. Our team will investigate Hauntings, Ghost sightings, Esoteric occurrences, and myths and legends. Building our team we want to build a family feeling. Team members who are part of it will be valued for their work ethic, investigative contributions and professionalism, opinions, theories and unique perspectives. When you work this closely together, under the circumstances in which we work, it is vital that the members of our team trust, respect and feel comfortable with each other. For this reason, we are very selective in who we add to our team.

If this sounds like you please Contact Us today