July Astrological Forecast

The astrology of July features Mars moving into Taurus and beginning the build up to a conjunction with Uranus that will go exact early next month, as well as a Full Moon in Capricorn and a New Moon in Leo. Cancer has recently had a number of planetary challenges over the past several years that other signs have not had to experience, so I am so happy to report that this month will be quite a change from all that. Cancers are due for a great month.

Mars enters docile Taurus on July 5th. Several minutes later, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters emotional Cancer. The Capricorn full moon on July 13th asks us to put facts before our feelings. Romantic Venus swims into sentimental Cancer on July 17th, heightening our desire to love and to be loved.

There’s a lot of Leo energy this month, too. Mercury enters Leo on July 19th, giving the spark of boldness. The Sun shifts into the lion sign on the 22nd, ending Cancer season. Then, on July 28th, Jupiter turns retrograde in Aries, pushing us to take more spontaneous risks. Uranus and the North Node of Destiny come together in Taurus on July 31st.

Moon in Capricorn

Although these planetary movements are setting the stage for a quieter and lighter approach to conflict, a full moon in Capricorn on July 13th will bring the ruckus. This full Moon takes place in the Earth sign of Capricorn, which represents authority, yet it will be conjunct with Pluto, a planet that asks you to address where you feel powerful and powerless. This will be a time to contemplate the nature of power and your attitude toward it. Start working on those visionary ideas during the earlier part of the month. This full moon in grumpy and goal-oriented Capricorn asks you to take a mature approach to resolving matters and completing your tasks.

July 28th

Just a few hours after this new moon occurs, the biggest planet in the solar system goes retrograde. On July 28th, Jupiter will power down into retrograde motion, taking a slightly less robust pace until November 23rd.  However, we will be feeling its energy during the entire week. As it switches gears, Jupiter will be magnifying the need to make big changes in our lives.

Where do these six planets stand in the month of July?

Venus is in Gemini until 19th of July. From 19th of July in Cancer.

Mars moves through Aries until 6th of July. From 6th of July through Taurus.

The Sun moves through Cancer until 23rd of July. From 23rd of July through Leo.

Mercury is in three signs at once. Until 6th of July in Gemini, from 6th of July to 20th of July in Cancer. and from 20th of July to 31st of July in Leo.

Jupiter continues to move through Aries

Saturn continues to move through Aquarius

Jupiter has been retrograde in Pisces since June 20th, but now it is returning to Aquarius. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until December. This is a subtle energy shift, but it can inspire us to think about community and the people we choose to surround ourselves with.

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