January 2023 Astrological Forecast

This month begins with another period of retrograde from planet Mercury. With another period of apparent retrograde motion from planet Mercury, it’s always better to redo and rework projects that are already in motion than beginning new ones. Mercury goes direct early in the morning of the 18th.

Two more planets, Mars & Uranus, end their periods of apparent retrograde motion this month as well. After the 22nd, all of the planets will be in a forward motion through February and March. So from January 23 to February 4, this is a good time to initiate something that you would like to see grow.

In the first flush of a Mercury retrograde and the final days of a Mars backspin, January is not the most favorable time to commit to sobriety or a resolution as the best laid plans are libel to go to hell in a hand basket. But take heart, it only gets better from here and it’s something of a sweet relief to greet the new year with a measured pace and a quiet plan rather than unsustainable enthusiasm.

At the onset January we have the sun, Mercury and Pluto all in the belt tightening, empire building sign of the sea goat. In astrology, Capricorn represents the archetype of the father and with a concentration of energy in this sign, reflecting on how we have been made and unmade by the presence or absence of our fathers is of real importance.

New Moon

January begins on a supercharged note. The moon will be glimmering through stability-seeking Taurus, while Venus joins forces with Pluto on Jan. 1. A symbol of abundance, pleasure and relationships, Venus’ close proximity to alchemical Pluto highlights the shadow side of our finances. Something’s definitely going to shift in this area of life, just in time for Venus’ entering Aquarius the following day. Fresh energy flows from the cosmic skies under the Aquarius New Moon. Arriving on January 21st, this New Moon is a gentle time to plant seeds, set intentions, and consider all you would like to draw close to you.

Last but not least, Venus will be entering dreamy Pisces on Jan. 26, thriving and making it easier for us to do the same.

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