IChing Reading for April 2024

Your IChing Reading for April is 22 Mountain over Fire or Grace (by your IChing Reader Angelica Danton).

As we enter the momentous Month ahead of April 2024 we will witness a solar eclipse on April 8 and a Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus on April 20. Astrologically, many changes are predicted as we move forward soon to a progressive period in history when many more people will involve themselves in wishing to take their part to create a better and fairer society on this planet. Manifesting the Dream is part of this period but the practical energy of Taurus is symbolized reminding us that nothing worth achieving happens overnight.This month expect a period of deep and meaningful exchanges at some point with significant others. Even chance encounters could yield rich insights so listen up and take note if you have one of these.
At such a time my Meditations have led me to look at the Hexagram 22 or Grace to help guide us through this exciting time.
Your advice this month is to look beneath the surface of life to find the deeper meanings. Adornment and surface beauty is very important and we refer to this area as the Venusian aspects of life.Yet if our minds are too highly influenced by beauty we can forget our purpose or lose the real need we all have to have regard to the inner light.It may well be time to get more serious about finding out about lasting beauty in ourselves and others truly valuing how unique our spirits are while we strive to also find areas in common with each other.
While life is in constant change around us if we understand that we are the beings who create and appreciate lasting beauty(in character spirit and inspiring deeds)we will realise that while surface beauty may change and wane no matter how perfect it may appear it is not that which lasts.In that way we find a balance our souls seeking as we open to looking deeply and share on these insights.
The lesson of the Taurus conjunction will focus on the changes in the material world we cannot avoid and how we deal with change..Jupiter will magnify our reactions to changes while Uranus in conjunction will confront us with the unexpected but no matter what these changes are we can meet them with faith in what lasts through all seasons our inner truths.
Appearances do matter is the message of Hexagram 22 but they are not all that matters and we cope much better with the changes of life if we have a solid sense of our inner truths so remember to hold on to your inner compass you have many fellow travelers on this journey with you.
Expect electric changes this year but, embrace the Adventure. No Fear. Be kind to self and others. Surround your circle with Protection.
Enjoy your Month

Author: Angelica Danton

I am an author(Goddess Signs),writer and contributor specializing in metaphysics and bios.My credits include writing for Destiny Magazine,Woman's Day and online for Realms of Magic and 13Society(current).Lecturer Teacher Psychic Development and Protection.

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