Iching Reading May 2024

This Month your IChing Reading for May is “Joy” “Tui” No 58 by your IChing writer and reader Angelica Danton for 13Society.

May has always been regarded as a “Magical Month” and the reason why may well go back to its naming after the Greek Goddess Maia who was also the mother of Hermes by the God Zeus.

Back it is said in the 1050s the fifth month of the year was named after this special Deity who was also known from ancient myth as a Greek Goddess of plants, fields and mountains. She was a Pleiad one of the legendary seven sisters or mountain nymphs. The Pleiades the open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus in myth is meant to the immortalization of seven divine sisters by Zeus. They were the children of Atlas (who held up the World) and Pleione (protectress of sailors).

May is also the month of the zodiac signs of Taurus and Gemini and quite naturally, as a month of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the month we celebrate Mother’s Day in celebration of our love for our Mums

In this special magical Month then we come to our IChing Reading and this month it is Lake over Lake Number 58, Joy.

In this hexagram we are reminded of the beauty of clear water sparkling rivers and tranquil streams giving all of us the sense of joy and appreciation of nature. Joy is infectious and healing elevating our mood clearing away negativity. This hexagram is not about seeing life without realism, but it is about our need to embrace our love of finding happiness and enjoyment within ourselves. From that space our joy radiates from us and encloses all those who relate to it. We ourselves can realize how wise indeed it is to find joy not by looking for it in the attitudes or approval of others but from a much more powerful space within.

Words cannot describe real joy as it has to be experienced to really understand what being in a state of joy means. Spontaneous and immensely powerful is for all of us that feeling! We can never find the joy we want in only the material world. It is a state of inner being and a special gift on a spiritual level!In the hectic and stressful world we all live in it can sometimes be of great importance to rediscover the capacity to enjoy and celebrate life. Reflect on what brings you joy and how you can allow yourself to rediscover it. You deserve it!

This May let the sunshine in to your life and share it, and you will find it returned to you! Don’t forget to look skywards to the Pleiades and muse on their myth and significance remembering Maia and her Month.

Flowers this month are the Lily of the Valley and the Hawthorn. Happy Mother’s Day to all who are Mothers and those who are like a Mum to others!

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