IChing Reading: July 2024

This month’s IChing Reading is Thunder over Lake Hexagram 54 or Kui Mei.

As usual I look to the season we are in as well to lend cogency to our Reading. The seventh month of the year July is when the Sun is in the sign of Cancer. At this time of the year this sign which is Cardinal Water ruled by the Moon brings us to consider our closest relationships and home area. We are also drawn to consider how we can make efforts to improve those connections which can be improved while at the same time accepting that those we can do no more with we need to move beyond.

It is a time to consider matters close to home but not avoid the big picture.We may not have a “full well” but the “half one “will do us until we get to the end of the dry season and that is enough. We do not need perfection in life to find the rewards that is more a matter of our thinking.

The seventh month of the year is always a significant one for many reasons as it also marks a year halfway through so giving ourselves a break to plan seems wise.

This month our reading is Hexagram 54 sometimes also referred to as the “Marrying Maiden”.

To modernise the meaning of this Hexagram think of the situations. Where you may have limited control over external events around you but you still want to get value from your situation. Realize that our universe is always in change mode but your human spirit can set your mind to make value of what is to come.

This month take the time to self reflect. The relationships around you may need evaluation but that is the way our lives move. You cannot change others to do or be exactly what you want but you can exert your will as to how you react.

Do not be your own worst forecaster or predictor! See your life as dynamic in the cycle of what we live in.

This month favors the more passive approach. Anger and rash actions are not advised but thoughtful consideration is. Take your time. No mistakes. The home area calls you and self nurturing is the key

You are in as much harmony as you create. That which seems immovable may not in time or you may find ways to manage in spite of.

Use dried Rosemary to create a small wand with wood and use in your home ritual work or for clearing. Take time to work on your journals or books of shadows(as to your tastes).

Have a great month and see you again for your your August IChing Reading.

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