IChing Reading 61 for December

IChing Reading 61 for December

by Angelica Danton (your 13Society IChing Reader).

The hexagram 61 is your Reading for this significant last month of the Year.
Wind over Lake draws our mind inwards now to reflect on our inner truth and our heart’s true calling.In the midst of a busy festive season with outward distractions or pressures, some part of us longs to reach a sense of inner peace within, to take a contented walk outside or nestle inside with a treasured person, a pet or by ourselves. Take this time out to listen, not just talk or act. You may have been so busy attempting to do all you could this year on the material plane that you have literally forgotten how to chill.
Rediscover a magical quiet place you create and find contentment in, watch your favorite whimsical movie again, rediscover your delight in fable and myth ,create a powerful candle ritual, wish on a star. Hexagram 61 is about realisation that to find in life that which we love in love, friendship or career we need first to know our true selves.
Antoine De Saint-Exupery the famous war pilot and poet wrote “It is only with the Heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. This next period of your life could see you manifesting some of those Dreams if you now take the Reins!

Have a magickal December and all the compliments of the Season! See you in the New Year again with your IChing Readings.

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