I Ching Reading for September

Heaven on Earth No 11
The time has arrived for you to accept your role in destiny on this Earth. Visualise yourself in a wondrous place where heaven and earth appear to meet,fjords bring the water down from the heavens or sky to meet the Earth is one example. The Earth and Heaven seem in harmony with each other at last.
When we work in tune with the spiritual self also known as the “Higher Self”, we can overcome obstacles we may earlier have seen as insurmountable. This hexagram reminds us that the strength of our spiritual self can create peace even in the face of apparent conflicts or obstacles in our everyday lives. That attitude of desiring to achieve the good and only the good for self and others can bring about the change we seek. This is the time to work with renewed passion.
I¬†have read and heard that the ancient Greeks asked only one thing to describe a person’s life.Does the person or did that person live with passion? None of us can reconcile every conflict or difference of opinion in our group or society but many of us have the power to work for ultimate good that calls to the eternal flame of our spirits and souls.
This Month
This month, which is the 9th month move away from those whose main motive is greed and keep your inner compass directed. With readiness to work don your symbolic apron. The stairs you have already climbed through hard work,discipline even at times denial have bourne results and a new Spring begins. You can see the path leading ahead now on Earth.
Peace can return. Align your energies and move towards success.No mistakes. Heaven is with Earth.Peace.

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