Hollywood Historic Hotel Paranormal Experience

Hollywood Historic Hotel

5162 Melrose Avenue is home to a beautiful relic of The Golden Age of Hollywood. Built in 1927, The Hollywood Historic Hotel was designed by S Charles Lee, who had designed other structures around the Hollywood area such as The Los Angeles Theatre and The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Over the decades, the building has been a hotel as well as an apartment building with names such as Melrose Arms and The Monte Cristo Island Apartments. It wasn’t until 2010 that the building was reopened permanently as a hotel, renamed “Hollywood Historic Hotel”.

The Hollywood Historic Hotel is just a block away from Paramount Studios. The infamous Hollywood sign can be seen from the rooms inside, and it’s within walking distance of Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The interior of the hotel has that vintage 1920s charm throughout the hotel. This is probably why I had a very strange experience while staying at this hotel. As mentioned, the hotel was built almost 100 years ago and is only a few blocks away from a cemetery where many famous people are laid to rest. Although no notable celebrities have stayed there, the age of the hotel and the close proximity of the cemetery may have lured some paranormal activity to the building.

My Stay

During my stay last September, I continued having that feeling that I was being watched in my room. I thought I was just tired from the concert I went to, so I didn’t think much of it. However, the next day, I had just stepped into the bathroom to prepare for a shower and in broad daylight, the alarm clock on the bed stand went off. It made me cautious and alert since I didn’t touch the digital alarm clock next to the bed at all.

I use the alarm on my phone, so digital alarm clocks are obsolete to me. Initially, I thought it was the TV that made that sound. However, I double-checked the main room and I saw for myself that the alarm went off. I unplugged the alarm and nothing else ever came out of that room for the rest of my visit.

After that weird experience, I researched other people’s experiences in the hotel. A few comments were saying the hotel was creepy. One commenter said she and her boyfriend felt like they were being watched and saw a few weird shadows. Although it isn’t considered the most haunted hotel in the Hollywood area, I believe it is worth the visit for its interesting yet haunting atmosphere.

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Author: Selena

Selena Flores is a Paranormal fan who worked with many Paranormal groups in her lifetime to not only give guided tours of West Texas’ most haunted places, but to provide educational experiences about the many historical sites and figures involved in the haunted locations. Selena has expanded her own experiences with “Haunted tourism” as recently as 2021 when she visited Hollywood Forever cemetery and paid respect to some of its famous residents such as Judy Garland, Rudolph Valentino, Cecil B Demile and Johnny Ramone.

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