Haunted Locations: Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, A former psychiatric hospital built in 1876 in Morris Plains, New Jersey. The 1,000-acre property once held more than 7,000 patients. There are several stories of countless ghostly apparition sightings, including that of a young girl in a pink dress, a greenish light for which the source could not be identified, and all kinds of other eerie occurrences.

The Asylum’s History

This asylum was the largest building in U.S. until Pentagon surpassed it in 1943. It was designed to be self contained. Its huge complex included a post office, fire and police stations, a working farm, vocational and recreational facilities, its own gas and water utilities and a gneiss quarry, a chapel, classrooms, dental clinic, an infirmary, pavilions, wings, industrial buildings where patients could work, staff housing, later cottages for the families of the patients.

In 1953 the population of the hospital reached its peak, as millions of  soldiers returned from the Second World War. By then it held 7,674 patients. One of its most famous patients was American folk singer Woody Guthrie. Who wrote hundreds of songs and made famous recordings of Red River Valley and This Land is Your Land, was committed in 1956 with Huntington’s Disease.

The hospital even inspired a 2012 horror film, Greystone Park. After 140 years, In 2008, the facility was ordered to be closed as a result of deteriorating conditions and overcrowding. Despite considerable public opposition and media attention, demolition of the hospital was completed in 2015. However, as any good ghost hunter knows this won’t get rid of any of the entities within.

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