February’s 2023 Astrological Forecast

February starts off with a fiery full moon in Leo on Feb. 5, which asks us to embrace our passions. Mercury moves into Aquarius on Feb. 11, giving us a fresh take on matters, and a witty way of expressing ourselves. The Sun swims into Pisces on Feb. 18, heightening our desires, sentiments and creativity. The combined energies of the Pisces new moon and Venus’s entrance into Aries on Feb. 20 offers us a chance to refresh our romantic relationships and financial investments.

February’s energy acts as a road opener, inspiring us to move forward and make things happen. This forward-moving momentum will continue as we experience zero major planets in retrograde until mid-April. The highlight of the month is having Venus, the planet of pleasure, in its strongest position in the sky. In astrology, Venus rules money, romance, art, and social interactions and until February 19, our goals in these areas will all be within reach!

As we focus on our life purpose and discover the unique talents we have to bring to life, we are called to put ourselves at the service of our spiritual journey. Aquarius season comes to an end when the Sun begins to illuminate the skies of Pisces on February 18. For the next four weeks, themes of creativity, romance, intuition, and connection will ripple through the collective. The very next day, we welcome this month’s new moon in Pisces.

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